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About the Office
The office was established in 1965 by Panayotis Vokotopoulos. Since 1997, it has been changing into its current form following the participation of Pavlos Pavlidis and Konstantinos Vokotopoulos in the team.

All three architects give special emphasis in projects of distinguished aesthetic character and construction quality thus receiving a number of awards and first prizes. Their experienced cooperators provide for the whole spectrum of architectural projects.
They specialize in projects for

•    construction of modern administration, education, welfare buildings or of cultural and social interest
•    restoration of historic buildings

•    eco-refurbishment
•    integration of new buildings into a historic environment
•    design and reinstatement of public space
•    private housing

The office takes part in special and general architectural projects in the private and public sector, independently or cooperating or in association with other construction experts.

It participates with its degrees in the general architectural (rank 06) and the special architectural projects (rank 07) of the company of 5th class OBERMEYER Hellas Ltd. Apart from that, it obtains a 3rd class degree and a 2nd class one for the above project ranks.

Apart from the central office in Athens it operates a branch in Euboea and Poros. website development