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Vacation house in Euboea
Περιβάλλον οικίας, Κωνσταντινούπολη
Single family house in Attica
Double family house by Athens
Single family house in Euboea
Houses and stores Complex in Poros
Houses Complex in Poros


Landscaping residence in Buyukada-Istanbul



Planning 2010 

It concerns the regeneration of the environment between home and the coastline. In particular for the investment of the existing walls of reinforced concrete with masonry ≈ 20 cm thick earthy hue, halving the high altitude of the South wall to create a new a short distance from the existing and forecast a small kitchen, storage area and BBQ between the existing and the new wall and trellis to protect the western sun. The roof of the new areas planted to further enhance the image of the sea.