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Service quality secure

Apart from the uninterrupted, since 1965, experience in working with public and private planning projects, the office controls the quality of its services first by sharing out the issues and design phases among the three partners, according to each one’s specialization, and secondly by having the team members in touch with each other assuring constant exchange of ideas and efficient cooperation.
At the same time, every design phase is finally checked by the whole team and its co operators.
As for the issues of a special scientific interest, the office has obtained permanent cooperation with acknowledged scientists-counselors.
Through the years of occupation with architectural projects, a valuable collection of Reference books, Standards and requirements lists, Materials archive and Original designs has been created. Additionally, up-to-date software and hardware use guarantees for the precision of the work done. The progress and quality construction of each project is also secured by the experienced handling of Public Services matters. 


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