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Culture Centre in Posseidonia, Syros
Longitudinal Chalkis Museum
Culture Centre of Gerakas Municipality
Art Station of Fine Arts School in Paros
Argiri Market, Patras
Cultural Space, Patras
Technological Park, Lavrio
Cultural centers

Art Station of Fine Arts School in Paros

Planning: 2003
Commissioner: School of Fine Arts

The complex proposed consists of many one-storey buildings
clustered around the center of the site in direct relation with an existing building,
all of them creating a yard. In order to follow the local building restrictions for Parikia,
it was preferred to dissect the station into smaller parts and keep the right climax.
All the buildings are raised from the ground due to the problem of stagnated waters in the spot.
•    Public use space

The gallery is designed in such a way that it can host more events (conferences, lectures, social events etc).
Therefore, a certain formation of various levels is created in the front part of the site,
which can be accessed from the public as an extension of the indoor exhibition space.

•    Dormitories
Three complexes of five double rooms interlinked with stone built passages
and wooden pergolas sit in the central part of the site, behind a large row of palm trees,
at the rear of the afore mentioned buildings.

•    Laboratories

A complex of four art labs, also linked with the room complexes with passages,
is located just behind the existing building, in the Southern part of the site.