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Messolongi Municipality Town Hall
Greek Technical Chamber building in Heraklion
Town Hall of Posseidonia, Syros
Poros Town Hall

Administration buildings

Messolongi Municipality Town Hall

Architectural competition 2003
Competition Sponsor: Messolongi Municipality

The Town Hall manor is split into four different volumes:
A.    a five-storey rectangular section where the central staircase and the elevators, the protocol, archive, policing and technical services, the Deputy Mayors offices, the Committee hall, and the Mayor’s Special Counselors and Cooperators offices are found.
B.    a four-storey circular section with the management, financial and technical departments, the Mayor’s office and the Municipal Council Chamber.
C.    the glass roofed atrium, which rises freely between the afore mentioned sections, all of them interlinked with bridges, includes the main entrance of the building, an information desk, waiting seats, public telephones, a canteen bar and a public WC. This particular space can be used for periodical exhibitions and other events.
D.    the single height multi purpose hall with its subordinate room, which gives the impression of being broken away from section B.
The necessary emergency staircase is a metal construction.