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Messolongi Municipality Town Hall
Greek Technical Chamber building in Heraklion
Town Hall of Posseidonia, Syros
Poros Town Hall

Administration buildings

Lateral extension of the TCG building in Heraklion, Crete

Architectural competition 2004
Α’ Prize
Competition sponsor: Technical Chamber of Greece – East Crete Section     

It was considered mandatory for the existing neoclassical building to maintain its aesthetic presence and self power. The proposed extension should be distant enough to have its own existence and self power, only having certain passages to the old one, on ground and floor levels. The new building is adjacent to the southern and western edges of the site and covers the party walls of the neighboring buildings. The remoteness of the new from the old one allows the adjustment of both buildings’ levels through ramps (5 % grade), so that functions can be unified.
The Regional Sector’s President’s and other offices, an Assembly room, classrooms, an Auditorium and a Car Park can find their place in the proposed extension.