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Poros Town Hall
Farm in Porto Heli
Houses Complex in Poros
Houses and stores complex in Poros

Incorporation in traditionally built-up areas

Façade Remodeling of Poros Town Hall

Planning: 2000 in collaboration with Architect Μ. Manoudi
Construction: 2002

Comissioner: Municipality of Poros

Poros Town Hall was constructed in the 60’s. It is a two-storey tile roofed building with an indifferent style with continuous perimetric balconies, metal window frames and more general elements not suiting the traditional character of the built up area.
The planning project in question aimed at the remodeling of the façades in combination with the roof construction above the slab of the first floor. There was an effort to have the façades adapted to the style of Neoclassicism that was applied in Poros in the early 20th century for the most important waterfront buildings. After these interventions the building would be able to find its place among the historic whole, in harmony with it.