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Poros Town Hall
Farm in Porto Heli
Houses Complex in Poros
Houses and stores complex in Poros

Incorporation in traditionally built-up areas

Redesigning of a farm in Porto Heli

Planning – Construction: 1990 – 2005

This is about a 600,000 m2 farm by the seaside. The works concern the improvement of the existing circulation within the farm by means of cutting new roads and repairing the existing, extended replanting of olive trees, cypresses and bushes, the renovation of the existing structures and the construction of two new hostels covering 200 m2 and finally, the construction of tennis courts, a swimming pool, water tanks, and other infrastructure works. There was an effort to maintain the original character of the farm. To that effect, all the structures were made of stonework, from local stone, in a style suiting the existing buildings. As for the replanting, only species of the Greek flora were used.