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Vacation house in Euboea
Περιβάλλον οικίας, Κωνσταντινούπολη
Single family house in Attica
Double family house by Athens
Single family house in Euboea
Houses and stores Complex in Poros
Houses Complex in Poros


Vacation house in Gialtra, Euboea

Planning: 2007

Construction: 2007-2009

The building which covers an effective area of 100 m2 is split into 3 levels (bedrooms – main entrance/kitchen/dinning room – sitting room) linked together with a reinforced concrete staircase.
Under the entrance of the house there is a small rain-water tank for the irrigation of the garden.
The ground floor of the building is clad with 3-cm-thick stone, while the first floor is plastered with traditional pigmented plaster (kourasani).
Timber pergolas stand on iron beams over the entrance and the balconies.