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Vacation house in Euboea
Περιβάλλον οικίας, Κωνσταντινούπολη
Single family house in Attica
Double family house by Athens
Single family house in Euboea
Houses and stores Complex in Poros
Houses Complex in Poros


Double family house with an office in Psychiko by Athens

Planning: 1985
Construction: 1985 – 1988

Due to the steepness of the terrain a “split level” structure was the most rational solution. This way, two apartments of 140 and 90m2 each were created on 4 communicating levels with an internal staircase, so that ultimate flexibility is succeeded allowing the rearrangement of the spaces. This staircase constitutes an inter-level linkage from down the basement up to the roof terrace.
On the exterior, earthy colors reign in combination with blue metallic elements.