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Vacation house in Euboea
Περιβάλλον οικίας, Κωνσταντινούπολη
Single family house in Attica
Double family house by Athens
Single family house in Euboea
Houses and stores Complex in Poros
Houses Complex in Poros


Single family house and studio in Limni Euboea

Planning: 1972/1999
Construction: 1973/2000

The two-storey building was constructed in 1973 housing a ground floor store and a vacation house on the first floor. In 2000, the store was converted into a studio.
The building’s architectural style, both initially and after the final transformation, combines traditional features such as a Byzantine tile roof, timber window frames and shutters, wood flooring, side benches etc. with modern materials (bare concrete, iron beams) and technique.
The side of the studio with the horizontal slit shutters looks totally different depending on the opening angle of the shutters.