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Railway station in Maroussi
Renovation of Evzoni border station
Railway Bridge

Special constructions

Renovation of Athens Piraeus Electric Railway station in Maroussi

Planning: 2001-2002
in collaboration with Architects Ath. Passiotis – N. Payithas
Commissioner: Athens Piraeus Electric Railways (ISAP)
Constructuion: 2003-2004
Contractor: Attiki Diodos

The station in Maroussi was created and operates in combination with an overpass which allows the undisrupted traffic of pedestrians and vehicles on ground level. This led to the construction of platforms on the overpass.  
So as to protect the passengers from weather conditions there were created light shelters both over the platforms and the rails. The metallic pylons proposed, in order to avoid intervention in the load bearing structure of the projecting overpass, carry a suspended metallic structure. The whole overstructure is glazed thus permeable to light.
The existing situation with irrelevant structures (an artificial lake, topgallant levels, kiosks, peddlers) obstructed the passengers and dwellers’ circulation beneath the overpass since they mainly passed across the ground floor ISAP station congested by the ticket offices, the subordinate spaces and the access from stable stairs.
This is the reason why the space under the overpass was cleared from obstacles and got linked with the external sidewalks and the recreation square by means of easy access passages.
The only compact structures are the facilities on the ground floor with controllable entrances – exits, booths, a stationmaster office and personnel rooms, E/M installations space, while, in a middle level, there is an enclosed cable tunnel. From the central hall and past the ticket invalidation from automatic machines, the passengers ascend to the platforms through stable stairs and escalators or elevators for the disabled. The ground floor structures are clad with brick.