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Georgios I square, Patras
Square in Kili, Euboea
Square in Kremastos, Euboea
Square in Peristeri
Palea Vrissi, Limni Euboea
Central square in Rovies Euboea
Nirvana Square in Syros
Plastira Square in Syros
Prasakaki Square in Syros
Panteli Square in Syros
Central square in Lidoriki


Reinstatement of Palea Vrissi area in Limni Euboea

Planning: 2004
Commissioner: Municipality of Elimnion

The stone structure of Palia Vrissi fountain, in the town of Limni, is estimated to have been built during mid 18th century. It sits by a sloping junction of several roads and backstreets which forms a square in front of the structure.
The planning project proposes a traditional cobblestone paving of the fountain, the replacement of the water tank with a new concrete one, to cover the needs for water supply and irrigation of the plants around. It also proposes the earthing up of the adjacent site, owned by the municipality, to the level of Palia Vrissi and its integration in the square. The area is remodeled with new paving, stone benches, plants, and lighting. Finally, the roads are paved with concrete blocks and the illegal parking of the cars in the square is restricted.