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Georgios I square, Patras
Square in Kili, Euboea
Square in Kremastos, Euboea
Square in Peristeri
Palea Vrissi, Limni Euboea
Central square in Rovies Euboea
Nirvana Square in Syros
Plastira Square in Syros
Prasakaki Square in Syros
Panteli Square in Syros
Central square in Lidoriki


Central Square in Rovies Euboea

Planning: 2006
Construction: 2006
Commissioner: Municipality of Elimnion

The existing paving with Karystos flagstones is stripped. There is a new paving with white flags and red and grey concrete blocks. Large and small cube-like timber benches are made and put on concrete bases. New lamp posts are placed all over for the sufficient lighting of the square.
The existing trees are kept and new evergreen ones are replanted in a rectangular order.