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Panteli Square in Syros
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Panteli square in Ermoupoli, Syros

Planning: 2006-7


Commissioner: Municipality of Ermoupoli

This is about a part of combined proposals for square and street reinstatements in downgraded areas of Ermoupoli, Syros.
The earthing up of the biggest part of the existing sloped site so that it can be functioning as a square is proposed along with the conversion of the southern small street into a light traffic lane for exceptional occasions. There are also created seven parking spots.
The access to the raised square is done from the South in three different ways: 
through a flight of stairs that leads to a timber bridge, a ramp for the disabled and another flight of stairs. This way, to the south, there is created a morphologically interesting perspective of the structurally mandatory concrete low wall which is clad with rectangular cobblestone.
Predominant in the square sits an approximately 12 X 12 m sandpit with a lawn, plants, and wood scrambling and balance game structures. This sandpit is surrounded by a stone bench and is crossed by the afore mentioned bridge which leads to a timber kiosk.
An amount of new trees is replanted.