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Modeling Artemida coast
Pythagorio port in Samos
Landscaping Eschatia Riverbank

Coastal works

Remodeling Pythagorio port in Samos

Planning: 2003
Commissioner: Samos Port Fund

The project is about the reinstatement of the coastal zone of Pythagoreio, its partial conversion into a Tourist Port and the repair and transformation of Hotel Pythagoras into a service center for the visitors.
A construction with timber pontoon bridges, which increases the effective length of docking, is proposed. A 1.2m wide nonskid zone is created, along which there are bollards, lamp posts and supplies.
The canopies in front of the shops are replaced with new ones made of wood. The tree lane is filled with new ones between the buildings and the canopies.
There is provision for an open space for vessel mending and wintering.
In the passenger port area, the existing bar-restaurant building is proposed to be converted into a small embarkation-disembarkation station and waiting room for the passengers.
Shelters are placed in the check-in area to protect the passengers while they are going aboard. The port police facilities are upgraded and the adjacent archaeological site is projected.
For the organization of the beaches there is provision for movable equipment with showers, changing cubicles, wood floating platforms and sunshades.