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Culture Centre in Posseidonia, Syros
Longitudinal Chalkis Museum
Culture Centre of Gerakas Municipality
Art Station of Fine Arts School in Paros
Argiri Market, Patras
Cultural Space, Patras
Technological Park, Lavrio

Cultural centers

Renovation – Reconstruction of Argiri Market in Patras

Architectural Competition 2004
B’ Prize
Competition Sponsor: Municipality of Patras

Restoration / reconstruction and returning to the town of an important conservable historic building.
The planning project focuses on restoring the monument to its initial state by means of renovating the standing part and reconstructing the demolished one.
The new elements, such as railings, staircases, atrium roofing, etc, which are added following the change of the building’s function, give their era’s impression and therefore that of modern technology, but they are integrated in harmony with the whole, so that the artistic and historic traces of the building are not falsified. This is succeeded by design severity and the highest construction quality.

Function units:
Central part: reception hall for the public, briefing room, info desk and local products showroom, recreation areas (atrium – sitting places).
Left wing: gallery (for periodical exhibitions) expanded on two levels.
Right wing: low level: assembly room, middle level: restaurant – presence chamber, high level: administration rooms.