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Vacation house in Euboea
Περιβάλλον οικίας, Κωνσταντινούπολη
Single family house in Attica
Double family house by Athens
Single family house in Euboea
Houses and stores Complex in Poros
Houses Complex in Poros


Houses and stores complex in Poros

Planning: 1989
Construction: 1994

This is a complex of two houses and three stores covering a total area of 300m2 on a rocky slope site by the coastal road of Poros traditional built up area.
The main features of the structure are: the rough plastering without guides, which imitates whitewashed stonework, the timber balcony in the façade, the cornice of the roof made of old solid bricks and finally the paving and the compact stone steps chiseled from the excavation rocks.