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Georgios I square, Patras
Square in Kili, Euboea
Square in Kremastos, Euboea
Square in Peristeri
Palea Vrissi, Limni Euboea
Central square in Rovies Euboea
Nirvana Square in Syros
Plastira Square in Syros
Prasakaki Square in Syros
Panteli Square in Syros
Central square in Lidoriki


Square in Kremastos, Euboea

Planning: 2009-10



Commissioner: Municipality of Konistres, Euboea


This is about a part of combined proposals for square and street reinstatements of fire-stricken areas in the Municipality of Konistres, Euboea.

The square’s level is raised and gives a feeling of a balcony, a terrace which leads one to enjoy the view. Around the square, the existing stone retaining wall is heightened so that one can be seated on it. Stone pillars are constructed, on which is placed a timber pergola for climbing plants.