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Αddition, Repair and Transormation of the Arethousa timeless museum building at Chalkis

Architectural Award 2008, Held by the Ministry of Culture
Study in collaboration with Obermeyer Hellas Co.

The Arethousa building is an old distillery and one of the most eminent industrial buildings of Chalkis.
The Ministry of Culture , having bought the property, launched a design competition concerning its repair, add-ups and conversion into a museum.
The rectangular, stone-built. abandoned building is at present in a bad state whereas there is stationary water in the lot due to its proximity to the ancient spring of Arethousa.
The building programme includes a permanent display of findings from all over Evia together with a periodical display area which will be accomodated in the existing building semi-open showrooms for bulky sculpures, Headstones and a new building for the maintainance workshops and study findings, off-site storage areas offices, etc.
In the present proposal, the old main building is joined using a glass corridor, with the adjacent existing office building which is turned into a canteen.      
The new building is constucted using modern materials and is fragmented into several volumes so that it differs from the existing building and not to compete it.
Its metal roof is curved symbolizing water waves.
The surroundings of the Museum is planted with vegetation, whereas a parking lot is created.